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    Why cpmc



    Although we are an ISO 9001:2005 Company, our Quality Standard doesn’t end there. We Call it QUALITY only if the customer is happy with our services. We use the best materials that are recyclable or reusable. Unlike the majority of our competitors who use cheap and 3 Ply boxes, we use 5 Ply boxes for added safety of your assets.

    We have to use plastics in this industry for packing (although we are always exploring alternatives), we use 80GSM plastic and above which are recyclable. Other than these we always meet the ISO level and surpass all their “External Quality Reviews” consistently.

    Does CPMC Offer Transit Insurance?

    While CPMC’s expert teams will in every case unquestionably pack your belongings thoroughly, there is always a transit risk. To mitigate this risk and for your significant serenity, we offer CPMC care- travel protection. Transit insurance that gives cost inclusion of your resources.

    Will CPMC pack and unpack all the possessions for me?

    CPMC’s packing team will expertly pack and wrap your goods for shipment. All packers are fully trained and make sure your possessions are well protected and perfectly safe throughout the entire process of your relocation.

    At the destination, we will unwrap goods, dispose of any debris and set it in your new residence.

    Can My Possessions Be Stored At One Of CPMC’s Warehouses?

    Your possessions can be stored at CPMC’s Warehouse at origin or destination according to your necessity. CPMC has a storage facility so your belongings will be stored safely and securely for as long as you wish.

    What Information And Paperwork The CPMC Will Provide Before Execution Of The Service?

    Before packing your valuables, CPMC will supply the following –

    1. Copy of quotation or the contract amount.
    2. Contact information for any inquiries and complaints.
    3. A copy of a packed and uploaded list of items duly signed by the customer.
    4. The order copy was duly signed by the customer stating his given authorization to the mover for moving his goods.
    What Happens If CPMC Does Not Pick Up Or Deliver My Goods According To The Dates Provided?

    CPMC for the most part meets something many refer to as “reasonable dispatch” prerequisites. This implies the transportation should occur during the booked dates as submitted by CPMC. Something outside CPMC’s ability to control; like any natural disaster, unexpected strike, any extraordinary request forced by the Government and so forth ought to be worthy explanations behind the delay.

    What if it starts raining during transportation?

    We take all the preliminary precautions in packing for climate conditions like rain, heat, and so forth. We utilize Sealed Weatherproof Shut Containers for transportation.

    Will I be compensated if my shipment is not delivered as promised?

    It depends upon the reason behind the unsuccessful delivery. If there is any fault by our side the compensation part might be considered.

    What Should I Know About The Pickup And Delivery Dates?

    CPMC INDIA gives you a specific date for pick-up and delivery on your order copy or any related documents. The documents must be checked properly to receive the shipment on time.

    What should I know about the delivery of goods?

    If the driver or any other concerned person asks you to pay extra you should not pay. Instead, show the quotation copy where all your charges are included. Check whether all your goods have arrived in good condition or not. If any of the items are missing or damaged, they should be notified to the contact person immediately.

    What is the purpose of the survey?

    A survey is the most ideal approach to get the best estimate of expenses. In CPMC we generally demand our clients to go for study to dispense with any disarray among clients and us. Also, it is the best chance for a client to think about us. Likewise, it is ideal for the client to pose CPMC for inquiries and better comprehend the moving cycle.

    Will somebody accompany the vehicle in transit?

    Indeed, whenever required. One of our authorities will go with your belongings to the destination point. This individual is known as an escort. An escort is valuable since he knows your products from the hour of packing. We send an escort to forestall any breakage or harm to your products.

    What are the documents required to move my personal effects?

    To move your personal belongings we require the customer’s ID proof and an authorized letter duly signed by the customer, stating that the customer has given authorization for moving all the value delay antiques to the destination point.

    Can I move my car with CPMC?

    Yes, we can move your car either in exclusive vehicles or co-loaded with other cars in car moving vehicles. It depends on your budget and the time constraints.

    What are the documents required to move my car?

    We require photocopies of the following documents to move your car:

    1. Registration certificate.
    2. Insurance paper.
    3. Pollution certificate
    4. Customer’s ID proof and authorization letter duly signed by the customer.
    Can I relocate to a foreign country with CPMC?

    Yes, we provide services to every nook and corner of the globe. We have a dedicated and trained group of professionals who are rYes, we provide services to every nook and corner of the globe. We have a dedicated and trained group of professionals who are responsible for International Relocation. In places where we don’t have a presence, our partners will help you get the work done.

    International Relocation is extremely complex as it involves global vehicle laws, customs issues, port handling, international travel, and various extraneous factors. We, at CPMC, guarantee you a complete and genuine feeling of serenity, by partnering with various Freight Forwarders (FF) and Custom House Agents(CHA) [CHA and FF don’t deal with private customers. If someone claims to do the job of FF and CHA, there is a good chance that they are cheating you. Please beware]. In our 69 year presence, we’ve achieved many legacies. One of the most important legacies is the partnerships and relationships we have built in this industry. This ensures your move is both simple and smooth.