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CPMC Relocation & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Professional Packers & Movers (An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company)


  • What is CPMC's quality standard?

    CPMC has earned ISO Certification.

    External quality audits are carried out by ISO representatives on a regular basis, ensuring that standards are upheld and our customers always receive a high quality service. With our history and knowledge of the relocation industry, CPMC has been able to create a system that sets the standards for quality.

  • Does CPMC offer transit insurance?

    While CPMC’s professional crews will always surely pack your belongings, it is important to remember that your goods will be travelling by various mode of transport, which carries inherent risks.

    For your peace of mind we offer CPMC care, transit insurance that provides cost coverage of your valuables.

  • Will CPMC pack and unpack all of my possessions for me?

    CPMC's packing team will expertly pack and wrap your goods for shipment. All packers are fully trained and make sure your possessions are well protected and perfectly safe throughout the entire process of your relocation.

    At destination we will unpack your goods and dispose of any debris on delivery day at your new residence.

  • Can my possessions be stored at one of CPMC's warehouses?

    Your possessions can be stored at origin or destination as necessary. CPMC has state of the art storage facilities, so your personal belongings can be specially packed and moved to a CPMC storage facility for as long as you wish.

  • What information and paperwork the CPMC will provide prior to execution of the service?

    Prior to packing of your valuables, CPMC will supply the following -

    1. Copy of quotation or the contract amount.
    2. Contact information for any inquiries and complaint.
    3. A copy of packed and uploaded list of items duly signed by the customer.
    4. The order copy duly signed by the customer stating his given authorization to the mover for moving his goods.
  • What happens if CPMC does not pick up or deliver my goods according to the dates provided?

    CPMC generally meets something called “reasonable dispatch” requirements. This means the transportation must happen during the scheduled dates as committed by CPMC. Something beyond CPMC’s control; like any natural calamity, sudden strike, any special order imposed by the Government etc. should be acceptable reasons for delay.

  • What if it starts raining during transportation?

    We take all the preliminary precautions in packing for weather conditions such as rains, heat etc. We use Sealed Weather Proof closed Containers for transportation.

  • Will I be compensated if my shipment is not delivered as promised?

    Not necessarily. It will depend on the exact reason behind the unfulfilled promise. If there is any fault of CPMC the compensation part will be considered.

  • What should I know about the pickup and delivery dates?

    CPMC always gives a specific date of pick-up and delivery on your order copy or any related document. Don’t allow the information regarding these dates to remain blank. This may delay your shipment.

  • What should I know about the delivery of my goods?

    If the driver or any other unloading staff claims for any extra charge, don’t pay. You should show your estimate copy or quotation copy where all the charges are included.

    Please check that whether all of your items have arrived at good condition or not. If there are missing or damaged goods, it should be notified to the concerned person immediately.

  • What is the purpose of a survey?

    A survey is the best way to get the best estimate of costs. In CPMC we always insist our customers to go for survey to eliminate any confusion between customers and us. Moreover, it is the best opportunity for a customer to know about us. It is also the perfect time for the customer to ask CPMC all your questions and better understand the moving process.

  • Will somebody accompany the vehicle in transit?

    Yes, if required. One of our officials will accompany your goods to destination. This person is known as an escort. An escort is useful because he knows your goods from the time of packing. We send an escort to prevent any breakage or damage of your goods.

  • What are the documents required to move my personal effects?

    To move your personal effects we require a photo copy of customer's ID proof and an authorization letter duly signed by the customer, stating that he is giving authorization to move his valuables to his desired destination.

  • Can I move my car with CPMC?

    Yes. We can move your car either in exclusive vehicles or co-loaded with other cars in car moving vehicles, depending upon your time and budget constraints.

  • What are the documents required to move my car?

    To move your car we require photo copies of:

    1. Registration certificate.
    2. Insurance paper.
    3. Pollution certificate
    4. Customer’s ID proof and authorization letter duly signed by the customer.
  • Can I relocate to foreign country with CPMC?

    Yes. CPMC is expert in that. We have dedicated and well trained unit of specialized officials who are responsible in this regard only. This is very complex part of packing and moving as international transport laws, customs issues are interlinked. CPMC assures you complete peace of mind in this regard. Our rich experience of 64 years in packing and moving will make your movement easier and smooth.

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